ATI asesores, a immigration consultancy in Barcelona wanted a new visual identity and website for them.
Working together with the founder, we developed a language and visual identity that was both serious, yet left room to tell a story.

“As an immigration consultancy, we have alot of clients come to us disillusioned and desperate. After having been turned down by officials, and sometimes less than empathetic imigration lawyers, we have to work hard to overcome our prospective clients fears. They want to know that their consultant is on their side, listenes to them, and solves their problem.”

Hence the visual language of:
a tí escuchamos – we listen to YOU
a tí ayudamos – we help YOU
a tí apoyamos – we support YOU
a tí respaldamos – we got YOUR back

Things we did

  • Identity Design
  • Web Design
  • Graphic Design