48 hours of wild ideas, creation of new experiences, prototyping and loads of fun.

Claro Partners organized the Barcelona Service Jam again. The secret theme was a picture of an unfolded cube. Jammers could really challenge their imagination how to interpret the theme for their services.

Our team, developped Patch and became finalist with it.

PATCH is a set of sensors that allow you to measure the microenvironment of your balcony, terrace, or windowsill, in order to optimize and maximise your chances of sucessfully growing in your personal space.
PATCH is a community of like minded users who share their experience, help each other in resolving their issues and sharing their sucesse
PATCH is a starter pack of sensor, pot and seed to get absolute beginners started in urban gardening, giving them the tools and support for them to be sucessful.

We are now developing the idea further.

Things we did

  • Have crazy Ideas
  • Prototype, prototype, prototype
  • Design thinking
  • Service Design
  • Arduino